About us

Our mission

Our mission is primarily to work with clients on a partnership basis. Continuous development and further training of our skills allow us to innovate in the field of thinner production and distribution in the highest standard, in an environmentally friendly way.

A wide range of suppliers and professional logistics solutions give us the opportunity to obtain competitive prices, which enables us to cooperate with the leaders on the world market. The growing number of satisfied customers is our greatest satisfaction.

Tadeusz Chlebowicz, President of GRAFAPOL-BIS

The Genesis of the Company

The high demand for thinners in our area prompted the founder of the company, Tadeusz Chlebowicz, to start operating in the flexographic industry. This is how GRAFAPOL, a manufacturer and distributor of diluents, was founded in 1994. At the beginning of our activity we supplied products to local companies, however, our commitment, professionalism and high standard of service contributed to strengthening our position on the market and broadening the range of services.

Significant development of the flexographic industry in Poland had an impact on increasing the scope of our company’s activities. Therefore, a decision was made to change the headquarters. It was equipped with a modernized production and storage hall, two tanks and a large office space, which allowed to increase the qualified team. Thanks to these improvements we started to cooperate with companies from other industries, we expanded our portfolio and increased the logistics park, adapting it to the growing requirements of the client.

Partnership for over 20 years